DataSwitch Casestudy

PZ Cussons


PZ Cussons at a Glance

Industry Sector: Manufacturing & Distribution – Personal care and beauty products
SIC Code: Pharmaceutical
Employee Number: 200 +

DataSwitch helps PZ Cussons become major international retail supplier

A global beauty business has significantly increased the accuracy of business critical data and been able to successfully trade internationally with major retailers, after adopting DataSwitch, a powerful systems integration tool from K3 Syspro.

PZ Cussons Beauty, a leading international beauty manufacturer which supplies personal care and beauty products to major high street retailers, has been utilising DataSwitch in conjunction with the advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution SYSPRO, for the last ten years. Over that time the tool has proved a valuable resource for enabling the business to trade with major retailers through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), helping it to respond more quickly to high frequency ordering and more efficiently facilitate repeat orders.

“It [DataSwitch] has significantly reduced the time we would have otherwise spent on manual administration tasks and ensured that data accuracy is consistent throughout the organisation. It has boosted our efficiency and enabled us to experience an all new, automated way of working”
Ann Massons | PZ Cussons

The Challenge

  • Some retailers will only trade through EDI
  • Manual entry of information with potential for errors
  • Responding efficiently to seasonal demand


  • DataSwitch

The Benefits

  • Enabled trade with major retailers through EDI
  • Automation of processes
  • Connection to 3PL
  • Increased the number of major retail contracts
  • Simplified e-commerce transactions
  • Seamless integration between the company's front of house e-commerce system and SYSPRO