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Available as iPaaS Cloud or On Premise

An Overview of Our Platforms

Cloud to Cloud Integration

Connect your cloud systems with ease using K3|dataswitch’s advanced API features, integrate virtually any endpoint from any system to any system. Enable your business to leverage more, quicker and with greater support visibility.

Hybrid Integration

Utilise K3|dataswitch to integrate your value chain no matter where the system and/or data resides. Connect on-premise systems with cloud applications efficiently to improve processes and promote efficiencies through your business.

On Premise Integration

Organisations with localised requirements make use of k3|dataswitch to facilitate and manage their integration needs. Multiple systems can be connected via the platform, reducing risk, improving compliance and ensuring that their technology truly supports their business.

Reduce the Time to Value

Realise the meaningful value of Systems and Data Integration to your business faster by accelerating delivery using K3|dataswitch's process flow orientated approach. Connect with more systems then ever before, through API, File and Database level support.

Reduce Costs & Improve Customer Service

Errors in your data lead to increased costs, while errors in processes lead to missed deadlines and unhappy customers. Reduce costs by eliminating data and process errors across your value chain.

Reduce Risk

Risk is present in many aspects of modern business but where data is concerned you need to contend with both business and compliance risk. K3|dataswitch provides a platform upon which you can effectively implement an integration strategy to reduce risk in both areas, while accelerating productivity.

Data Management

Information Silos, Inaccurate Data and Process Errors are just three core reasons why effective Systems Integration improves all round data management and adds instant value to your business.

Connect Your Value Chain

No matter the size of a business, one thing is for sure - they all use more than one system to either manufacture, distribute or retail goods and services. Imagine a world where all of these systems are connected, you have the information you need to succeed and you are able to move quicker than your competition.

Accurate Decisions

Accurate data, near-real-time insights all mean you can make better more informed decisions to stay ahead of your competition, reduce costs and move quicker in your chosen market.

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