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Realising value through integrated Ecommerce

Realising value through integrated Ecommerce

We live in a world where customer experience is king, being able to offer your customers an unparalleled journey compared to your competition can mean the difference between success and failure. CEO’s and other executives realise this and put in place the systems and platforms to facilitate a world class journey.

However, unless those systems talk to each other and operate as part of an efficient integration strategy, the benefits are often not realised, and the value is simply lost.

Operating functions such as the finance department often have access to data integration tools to speed up processes and reporting, giving them access to key information quicker and more accurately, so why not take these benefits and apply them to the rest of the business.

Ecommerce Inventory and Material Controls

Many businesses manage their inventory from a central source, however with Ecommerce you need accurate details of what you can and cannot sell online no matter if your B2B or B2C etc. Integrated inventory controls can reduce errors in the supply chain and improve customer service levels by supporting accurate and on time delivery.

Enabling the connected inventory management between the two offers greater value beyond efficient sale and demand channels, it provides enhanced insight into inventory demand quicker than manual processes would allow which in turn can be used to better manage inventory turnover, sale trends and margin analysis.

Order to Cash Cycle

Within Ecommerce businesses often extend the functionality of a standard web shop to facilitate the sales journey by offering “Order in Store” or “Collect in Store” functionality. With a fully integrated solution, these features are enabled and create value in several ways. A key route is streamlining the order to cash cycle no matter how your customer prefers to interact with your business.

By automating the ordering process, you can be sure the correct route for the order is taken in order to expedite customer payment and delivery.

Improves Communication, Saves Time and Money

The leadership team can access consolidated accurate business reports quickly from one central source, which in turn allows them to communicate with the wider business, board members and other stakeholders effectively and efficiently.

Access to current sales records allows the leadership team to keep a handle on their business at all times. Integrated processes provide this information across systems with a higher degree of accuracy.

Not only does this reduce input errors, it saves time and money. Quick access to sales records improves forecast predictions while monitoring current production levels and outgoing shipments. This improves client confidence and develops a positive relationship that can lead to increased sales in the future.

Getting a handle on your Ecommerce challenges can be as simple as integrating your data systems. This will improve communications between departments, sites, and your personnel.

It reduces errors in production and allows you to improve your customer relations. In many cases, it means effectively using programs, software, and networks already in place to obtain a higher degree of cohesiveness within your business.