Its all about the people..

At K3|dataswitch we pride ourselves in having a team who specialise in systems and data integration but also your business, your requirements and your goals. Meet the team below...

Management & Business Development

Head of Integration
Niall McGovern

Niall is responsible for the integration strategy at K3 and thereby has overall responsibility for the direction and success of K3|dataswitch. This includes leading the K3|dataswitch team, maintaining the product roadmap, and ensuring that K3|dataswitch meets the evolving needs of our customers, both as an integration platform and as part of wider K3 solutions. To recharge, Niall enjoys running, swimming, and football.

Development Manager
Mathias Ogbeta

Mathias is responsible for the development of the K3|dataswitch product suite. He looks after the skilled team behind the On Premise and Cloud iPaaS platforms that make up the integration solutions. When not buried in code, Mathias can be found at home enjoying the athletics and football.

Commercial Sales
Mark Scriven

Mark is a part of the commercial team within K3|dataswitch and works with clients to ensure the integration solutions meet business requirements, create value and deliver expected results. Mark enjoys walking and cycling across Wales in his spare time.

Specialists & Support

Project/Resource Coordinator
Ilka Kató-Földvári

Ilka is responsible for the documentation of projects and for ensuring that each project is running smoothly and according to plan

Senior Product Specialist
Nick Popov

Nick specializes in a wide range of k3|dataswitch products and is first touch point for many of our customers

Product Specialist
Nick Webster

Nick works to continually develop new processes for k3|dataswitch in his role as a product specialist

Support Analyst
Tom Meldrum

Tom works directly with our clients to ensure that any DataSwitch queries or issues raised are managed and resolved in a timely manner

Support Analyst
Colin Davidson

Working with our partners and clients to ensure we resolve issues and keep the show on the road.

Product Development

Frontend Developer
Wayne Colley

Waynes responsibilities center around the On Premise and In Cloud frontend platform

UX & Frontend Developer
Jon O'Reilly

Jon is responsible for the User Experience of both the On Premise and In Cloud platforms

Software Developer
David Birgisson

David works with the development of our In Cloud Dataswitch platform

Software Developer
Mykhailo Bezkorovainyi

Mykhailo works with the development of our In Cloud Dataswitch platform

Software Developer
Tausif Ilyas

Tausif works on the front and backend development of the k3|dataswitch platforms

On Premise Developer
Maria Herrero

Maria is responsible for the continuous development of our k3|dataswitch On Premise platform

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