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Auto Sleepers Case Study

K3|dataswitch helps Auto-Sleepers to seemlessly integrate their business systems

Auto-Sleepers, the award winning manufacturer of Motorhomes has been using K3 Syspro for its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, SYSPRO for almost ten years. The company recently chose to integrate DocuWare, provided by K3’s best-of-breed partner, Anota, to manage its document workflow from administration through to manufacturing.

The requirement for Auto-Sleepers was to upgrade their current SYSPRO ERP system which worked well for the company as manufacturers. The next move for Auto-Sleepers was to integrate DocuWare into the system and to leverage use of existing K3 products, K3|dataswitch and Automail.

David Eccleston, Management Accountant at Auto-Sleepers said: K3|dataswitch runs behind the scenes like a miniature processing engine. It is a solution in search of a problem. It takes the information in from the DocuWare workflow, looks up data from SYSPRO and then posts it directly into SYSPRO.

This saves re-keying information already entered into DocuWare with the advantage that this process avoids duplication of data entry effort.”

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Industry sector

  • Automotive

Solution & services

  • K3|dataswitch

The benefits

  • Seamless integration between business management software

Return on Investment

One of the biggest savings for Auto-Sleepers has been staff time. In conjunction with K3|dataswitch, it means information no longer has to be keyed in. The DocuWare system only needs the information once. It then sorts it out and remembers it.

This means invoices, for example, can be sent round the system for approval and payment without the need for third party intervention.

Working with KS Syspro and K3|dataswitch has been a real partnership. They understood our needs, not just for now, but what will work best in the future.

They are collaborative and forward thinking organisation who know what businesses want. It is not just about the technology.”

David Ecclestone.