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Rocket Medical Case Study

K3|dataswitch helps Rocket Medical to automate intercompany processes and improve accuracy.

Watford-based Rocket Medical has exploited K3|dataswitch to help it adapt to changing market demands. The company manufactures medical tools and devices which are exported to 40 countries around the world. It has embraced automation as a means of responding to increased pressure to conform with regulation and boost productivity.

Rocket Medical required a solution which would both automate its intercompany processes and improve their accuracy. Key to this was the implementation of K3’s data manipulation and systems integration tool K3|dataswitch.

The global business operates from multiple sites around the world. On its legacy system, the transaction of production and sales information between different locations required manual data input. The labour-intensive process was a waste of resources and increased the risk of error and duplication.

Thanks to K3|dataswitch, the process has been automated. Data synchronisation has cut down on time and human error. With everyone working with the same centralised system, different global offices no longer need to waste resources cross referencing and manually transferring information. They’re now freed up to work on higher value tasks, which serves to boost productivity.

“Everything we do will either need to be on our ERP system or be able to communicate effectively with it. Therefore, improving integration is key and that’s where K3|dataswitch is so important”

Mark Cooper, IT Manager at Rocket Medical


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Rocket Medical

Industry sector

  • Medical Tools & Devices

Solution & services

  • K3|dataswitch

The benefits

  • Automation of mundane tasks
  • Improved efficiencies and increased productivity